Board Committees

Contacting Members of the Board of Directors

Interested parties who wish to communicate with non-management members of the Board of Directors can address their communications to the attention of Corporate Secretary of the Company at its principal address or by calling 713-623-0801. The Corporate Secretary will maintain a record of all such communications and promptly forward to the Chairman of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (the “Committee Chair”), who presides at meetings of the independent directors, those communications that the Corporate Secretary believes require immediate attention. The Corporate Secretary shall periodically provide the Committee Chair with a summary of all such communications. The Committee Chair shall notify the Board of Directors or the chairs of the relevant committees of the Board of those matters that he or she believes are appropriate for further action or discussion.

Meetings of Non-Management Directors

The non-management members of our Board of Directors meet in executive session (without members of management present) following each regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting. At these meetings, Mr. Andrew Fawthrop, Chairman of the Board, acts as Chairman of the executive session.

Additional Information

Requests for additional information or copies of the Company’s Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission should be directed to:

Corporate Secretary
9800 Richmond, Suite 700
Houston, Texas 77042

or E-Mail request to:

Shareholder Services
Communications concerning common stock transfer requirements, lost certificates or changes of address should be directed to:

Computershare Investor Services
250 Royall Street
Canton, Massachusetts 02021


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